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Product Features  
Considered by many to be higher quality than Mahalo's U30G line because it keeps it's tune FREESHIPPINGsealbetter but offered at a lower price.


  • Beautiful soprano ukulele
  • Body and neck constructed of maple and colourfully painted
  • Maple fingerboard and bridge stained ebony black
  • Equipped with standard guitar-style tuners
  • Includes coloured case for storage and transport
  • All of our Ukulele Kids ukuleles come with one tuning and colourful dots denoting the chords C, C7, F and G7. 
    These dots can be removed if not desired.
$ USD 34.95 each Blue Uke
$ USD 34.95 each Red Uke
$ USD 34.95 each Pink Uke
$ USD 34.95 each Purple Uke
$ USD 34.95 each Orange Uke
$ USD 34.95 each Green Uke
$ USD 34.95 each Yellow Uke
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